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A digital property manager that is self-learning, self- adjusting, self-repairing
– and is continuously searching for new ways to increase your net yield.

By installing an AI property manager, we provide a workhorse that tirelessly governs your real estate portfolio. Constantly finding you ways of saving money, increasing operating efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.

This is achieved through state-of-the-art methodology (such as Deep Multi-Modal Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, and Natural Language Processing to name a few). And based on our robust cloud architecture and AI infrastructure, its intelligence will only continue to improve.

Short Time To Value

The only requirement to get started,
is your go-ahead

To start processing data, we can integrate to your buildings system directly, or provide sensors (independently of vendor, of course

We also provide open APIs should you wish to integrate any of your current proprietary solutions

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Hi! My name is,
and I work for , which represents around m2 of real estate. I would like to hear how your solution can create value for me, and can be reached at for further discussion.

Our team is composed of highly educated and knowledgeable individuals, who together (through heaps of messages, notifications, commits, pushes, pulls, integrations, transformations, pipelines, clusters, and deployments) convert tomorrow’s technology into today’s value.

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